Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ceiling fan Updates

If you have a perfectly good, in working order BRASS (or gold..YUCK) Ceiling fan don't throw them away just yet!! We have already established in earlier posts I am cheap so I will use everything til the wheels fall off and try to keep it updated so here is your ceiling fan tutorial.

you don't have to get this color (nickel) they have several different colors to choose from (and no I don't work for rustoleum but dang I would if they asked me lol)
The first step after choosing your color and bringing it home is the most important.


ok so now we are on to the meat and potatoes

Step 2: Removal
when I say removal that means anything that can come off blades, light shades, bulbs, etc
keep track of what goes where when you are removing (a good trick is to take pics so you know where something goes back and keep your screws in a baggie labeled)
(light globe and bulb too)

Step 3: Prep
by prep I mostly mean CLEAN everything you know dang well you haven't cleaned those fans in months trust me they are nasty those dust bunnies were having a party up there.

Step4: Tape off ceiling if you plan to leave the motor up there (which is what I did for 1 out of 4 fans I did) so you don't have over spray. Tape off the sockets where the bulbs screw in, if sprayed with paint you could possibly ruin the socket. Tape off any areas you don't want painted.

Step 5: Start painting!! do light coats read the can see how long it takes to dry and apply a cpl coats til you are happy with what you see

(this is the only fan I actually removed then I realized there was an easier way like LEAVE IT MOUNTED lol)

Step 6: Paint the blades and the doohickeys that hold them on
Make sure you let everything dry at least 24 hours before you start putting it all back together (my impatience left fingerprints on the first fan I did but thank goodness no one hangs out on the ceiling looking for prints and such)

Some Before and Afters

I didn't get a before pic of this one above but it used to be GOLD (blech)

Can't freehand?? Easy technique to make wall signs

OK so I tried different ways to transfer and honestly the easiest way to me is Word, a bic pen and some tape 
you will also see further down where I used a different pen than what I am suggesting here but seriously just use the bic its cheap and if it breaks from too much pressure you aren't out what it costs for one of those fancier pens below so use this
print out your saying using whatever software program you have there are fonts you can download I am not picky so I just use MSWord 
Step1: I decide what I want the sign to say
Step 2: type it up print it out 
Step 3: tape it to the board I want to use 
Step 4: trace the lettering using pressure to indent the wood 
Step 5: use a fine paint brush to paint the lettering in 

 this sign I used some sharpies

 This one basically shows the steps and that's a $4 pen yikes!

Another method is using wax paper in your printer and reversing the image then quickly and carefully rubbing the wax paper to wood to get the image to transfer. I really don't like this method because its messy and I always end up with a jammed printer. Don't rule it out on my account though try it for yourself!!

Mason Jar lights

Mason Jars

Now some folks go and buy empty mason jars like at dollar tree, etc. I save my cash because I happen to have a child that only likes classico spaghetti sauce and let me tell you if you have a kiddo that loves spaghetti as much as mine you will end up with a boatload of these;

They are mason jars as soon as you clean off the label and look like this;

(pic courtesy of google and lulabellehandicrafts because I am too lazy to go get one of mine)

Now the tealights I am not a fan of fire so I went with these battery powered ones because they are easy to just "turn on" plus I bought a boatload after christmas for like .20 cents each (yes I am cheap may as well get that out of the way now)

 different shots of them grouped together around my pool and I did use actual candles in a cpl but I can remember which

easy deco lettering

One sheet of duct tape colors per letter
exacto knife
wooden letters 
(I got everything at hobby lobby)

Step 1: cover entire letter in the sheet of duct tape 
Step 2: take exacto knife and trim off excess
Step 3: hang it!!

DIY photos on canvas

~Scrapbook paper
~modge podge
~whatever size canvas you prefer (this is 6x6)
~Photo (I used an app on my iphone called pics art to make the effects and had it printed at walmart in a 5x7 you can also use instagram to edit)
~wax paper 
~ staple gun

Step 1: cut your photo to size
Step 2: Apply modge podge generously to canvas and apply photo
Step 3: let dry (a cpl hours)
Step 4: Apply modge podge generously  to top of photo turn canvas upside down (photo face down) on some wax paper put a heavy book on top and let dry for 24 hours
Step 5: trim your scrapbook paper to fit the edges then modge podge them on
(you can see edge here)

Step 6: use ribbon to attach two or more photos and the loop to hang
Step 7: hang that sucker!

Flip Flop Wreath

5 pairs of Flip Flops (I got mine at hobby lobby and made 2 wreaths) 
Bow (picked my bow up at Michaels it was a easter bow on clearance) 
Craft wire
Step 1: take 5 rights or 5 lefts and glue the toes to heels
Step 2: let dry
Step 3: use craft wire to attach bow through the toe hole and make a loop
Step 4: hang
I use this for just about everything instead of using the glue gun it has a lasting hold and I live in the desert region so the glue gun glue melts anything I put outside

You are my sunshine Canvas

16x32 canvas
printout sheet music (I used 9 with 3 cut in half)
modge podge
craft paint (your choice of color) 
vinyl letters 

Step 1: modge podge printed sheet music onto canvas let dry(you can also "stain" up your paper to make it look older or wad the paper up to look worn)
Step 2: add your vinyl lettering (this may take patience to get the lettering how you want it)
 Step 3: apply your choice of color craft paint (I used a hot pink I picked up at walmart) 
Step 4: let the paint dry
Step 5: slowly peel off the vinyl letters with some tweezers 
Step 6: Hang it!! you dont need instructions for that I am sure lol
 you can use this to print out or search the web for your own sheet music