Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can't freehand?? Easy technique to make wall signs

OK so I tried different ways to transfer and honestly the easiest way to me is Word, a bic pen and some tape 
you will also see further down where I used a different pen than what I am suggesting here but seriously just use the bic its cheap and if it breaks from too much pressure you aren't out what it costs for one of those fancier pens below so use this
print out your saying using whatever software program you have there are fonts you can download I am not picky so I just use MSWord 
Step1: I decide what I want the sign to say
Step 2: type it up print it out 
Step 3: tape it to the board I want to use 
Step 4: trace the lettering using pressure to indent the wood 
Step 5: use a fine paint brush to paint the lettering in 

 this sign I used some sharpies

 This one basically shows the steps and that's a $4 pen yikes!

Another method is using wax paper in your printer and reversing the image then quickly and carefully rubbing the wax paper to wood to get the image to transfer. I really don't like this method because its messy and I always end up with a jammed printer. Don't rule it out on my account though try it for yourself!!

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