Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY photos on canvas

~Scrapbook paper
~modge podge
~whatever size canvas you prefer (this is 6x6)
~Photo (I used an app on my iphone called pics art to make the effects and had it printed at walmart in a 5x7 you can also use instagram to edit)
~wax paper 
~ staple gun

Step 1: cut your photo to size
Step 2: Apply modge podge generously to canvas and apply photo
Step 3: let dry (a cpl hours)
Step 4: Apply modge podge generously  to top of photo turn canvas upside down (photo face down) on some wax paper put a heavy book on top and let dry for 24 hours
Step 5: trim your scrapbook paper to fit the edges then modge podge them on
(you can see edge here)

Step 6: use ribbon to attach two or more photos and the loop to hang
Step 7: hang that sucker!

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