Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mason Jar lights

Mason Jars

Now some folks go and buy empty mason jars like at dollar tree, etc. I save my cash because I happen to have a child that only likes classico spaghetti sauce and let me tell you if you have a kiddo that loves spaghetti as much as mine you will end up with a boatload of these;

They are mason jars as soon as you clean off the label and look like this;

(pic courtesy of google and lulabellehandicrafts because I am too lazy to go get one of mine)

Now the tealights I am not a fan of fire so I went with these battery powered ones because they are easy to just "turn on" plus I bought a boatload after christmas for like .20 cents each (yes I am cheap may as well get that out of the way now)

 different shots of them grouped together around my pool and I did use actual candles in a cpl but I can remember which

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