Thursday, January 30, 2014

You are my sunshine Canvas

16x32 canvas
printout sheet music (I used 9 with 3 cut in half)
modge podge
craft paint (your choice of color) 
vinyl letters 

Step 1: modge podge printed sheet music onto canvas let dry(you can also "stain" up your paper to make it look older or wad the paper up to look worn)
Step 2: add your vinyl lettering (this may take patience to get the lettering how you want it)
 Step 3: apply your choice of color craft paint (I used a hot pink I picked up at walmart) 
Step 4: let the paint dry
Step 5: slowly peel off the vinyl letters with some tweezers 
Step 6: Hang it!! you dont need instructions for that I am sure lol
 you can use this to print out or search the web for your own sheet music

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