Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY $2 umbrella stand

I decided I wasn't going to pay $50 bucks for an umbrella stand that anyone hardly sees. I mean really its not like people are sitting around a table outside with their heads stuck under the table and talking about how amazing an umbrella stand is and if they are they need a life lol.

~1 bag of quikrete ( I bought the 60lb because thats the smallest they had in stock)
~1 can of cooking spray (the oily er the better, also got a cheap can for a buck since I wasn't consuming its chemicals) 
~1 plastic planter or really large plastic bowl for a mold
~ small piece of PVC pipe that your post will fit in (the measurements on this are sketchy because it really depends on what type of mold you use as far as height. the post for all umbrellas are pretty much the same so find one that your post will fit into and cut it to the height of your mold)

Step 1: mix your concrete (read the instructions on the bag its not hard at all)
Step 2: spray sides and bottom of your plastic mold with cooking spray really well
Step 3: situate a piece of pvc sprayed with cooking oil thats been cut to height of mold in the middle (this is to be able to slide your umbrella post in)
Step 4: pour concrete into mold and let it dry at least 24 hours

 If you notice here there's some chipped its only because I am not a patient person and it wasn't fully cured so don't be me and let yours cure
 Also if you really want it to be a conversations piece you can run to the dollar tree and pick up some of their decorator rocks. you will also need some mortar for tiling.Just slap that mortar on and start sticking some rocks on there. I later added a layer of river rocks on the bottom where my impatience shows the chipped area it so it wouldn't look so home made. Not that there is anything wrong with home made mind you.

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