Saturday, February 8, 2014

Newcomer to the DIY world but here are things I love

 Here are a few of my favorite things. Some I use a lot some I have only used once or twice but I absolutely love the outcome from using them. I will keep adding to the list so keep checking back!

1. I absolutely love me some Rust-Oleum products and this by far is the best spray paint EVER
2. I sand A LOT. I have sanded so much I have sanded the sander right off the sander but I love this little guy so easy to use
I bought it on sale for under $30 at Sears

3. When you are breaking down pallets nothing works faster and easier than a reciprocating saw I picked this one up at Walmart for around $50 on sale
I use a diablo blade I bought at Home Depot. I bought a bunch of them because at Christmas time they were a buck but downside was it was a limit one per customer but since I go to Home Depot several times a week I was able to score quite a few.

3. Spaghetti Jars

I can always find a use for these, so I save and save. I have dozens from saving them for a cpl years. My kiddo loves spaghetti!! lol

4. This has been my go-to glue lately
I do really like gorilla glue also but as we have established I am cheap and it can get costly

5. Ramset powder actuated hammer is so much easier to use than a concrete drill bit and drill to anchor into concrete
you can get one at Home Depot make sure you read the package and get the necessary accessories for it. Use the right size hammer too for a better bang!! yes this sounds like a .22 caliber gun going off just so there is no surprise first time you use it.

6. General Finishes!! I cannot say enough about this product (NO they don't pay me but if they did I would take it lol)
in java
you can order this from Amazon. When you place your first order you will also get Woodcraft catalog to order from. I love it!! go buy it now!!!  Woodcraft link

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