Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pony Wall (Half wall)

I have an open concept type of ranch style home and the dining area is really small but works for my small family. I needed some separation between the living and dining so I added a small half wall that measures 3' 1/2" wide x 3' tall. It's pretty easy with the right tools to build this. You may have different flooring than I do so you may not have to use all these steps. My floor is cheap ceramic tile in dining and carpet in the living room (I am hoping to change the carpet in a few weeks to hardwood but that's an entirely different post lol).  I am not going to list the supplies except for the ACTUAL wall but I will tell you what I used for what as I go.

YES! my kitchen/dining is turquoise! I really love that color and if you do too its called Behr Tropical Sea from home depot

~ 2 8ft 2x4
~ 3in screws
~ 4x8 sheet of drywall
~ 1 1x4 birch fence panel (yes I know,weird)
~ paint and primer

Step 1: measure measure measure I cannot stress enough to measure. measure once measure again please trust me on this one. determine how tall and wide you want your wall. I wanted mine to be able to install a bench later (this determined my width) on down the line when I break down and buy the table I want but for now I am using a goodwill refurbished table I picked up for $20. I also wanted to be able to have a conversation with anyone sitting in the living room if I am at the table (this determined my height). My wall is 3' 1/2 x 3'.

Step 2: Cut your 2x4's

you will need to cut 2 2x4's to width of 3 1/2 ft (one for the top one for the bottom and shave off 4 inches)

and then cut 2 of the 2x4's to the height you want the wall then the 2 inside 2x4's cut to fit inside the box

Step 3: make a box (after I made this frame I took it out in the driveway and laid the drywall on top of it and cut the drywall to the size of the frame. It is much easier doing it this way than trying to cut the drywall when its already anchored to the floor IMO. Make sure you cut 2 pieces of drywall to fit both sides.)

build a box

add supports in the middle

Step 4: anchor the frame into the drywall using drywall anchors if there is no stud

Step 5: anchor the bottom into the floor (there are several ways to do this I found the easiest way to do it is using a Ramset powder actuated hammer gun ( I paid around $35 for the hammer and the accessories I needed to complete this job. I bought it because of potential jobs I could use it for) It looks like this Ramset hammer shot accessories you will need yellow boxed boosters and Nails.

Step 6: add the drywall using 2" drywall screws

Step 7: patch any holes or cover screws with joint compound and the corners need to be joined with drywall tape and joint compound after its all dry sand that sucker!!!

you can see the wood filler on the top where I added the screws
Step 8: add your top ( I went really cheap on this I bought a birch fence picket at Lowe's for $1.62 and sanded it down like crazy then painted and cut to size) here is a pic of it taking its first coat of paint after I primed you will paint again after you add it to the frame and fill your screw holes with wood filler and sand but for the most part it was easier for me to paint before I put it on plus I used oil based paint and it stinks to high heaven.
its drying the first coat of paint on top of my washer/dryer pedestal I am working on which is another blog coming soon lol
Step 9: Paint your wall! I only painted the dining side because I haven't figured out the living room color I want yet
Step 10: put your floor back and add trim
my grout box holding the tile down

 Some BEFORE pics

sanded and scraped the floor down to the concrete to get a smooth finish
This tile was broken before I bought house it needed to go anyway

the globs of mortar kinda pissed me off when I saw it made me think it was a crappy job they did
A little tip on the tile I had 6 pieces already stowed away in the garage that matched my floor but I was looking for some that came close or was actually same and a Lowe's manager said that they will cut your tile. I asked at home depot also and no dice. Before I found the ones stashed away in my garage I couldn't justify renting or buying a wet saw for 3 pieces of tile so I set out to borrow one that no one had but was really happy to find Lowe's would do it.

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