Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Card Holder... Can be used for Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, etc

I don't have a fireplace to display cards I get in the mail for holidays and I was using thumbtacks and a wall to display them. Fancy huh? So here you go an easy decorative way to display your cards and can be used year after year.

~Craft Paint
~ Pallet wood sanded 1x4 15-20in long 
~ Spray on Lacquer or something to seal it
~ Printer (if your freehand sucks)
~ Tape
~ Ribbon (holiday specific)
~ Bic Pen
~ WORD or other program to print your message
~ Clothespins (I used 3 different sizes for 3 different signs tiny craft, small office, and regular sized clothespins..I found all 3 at walmart the small office was in the office section, the tiny ones were in the craft section, the regular sized was in the laundry section).
~wax paper
~ Glue (I pretty much use e600 for everything but you can use a glue gun)
~ Staple gun
~ paintbrush

Step 1: I laid the wax paper out covering my entire kitchen table and painted the 1x4 and the little clothespins. Let dry.

Step 2: Printed out my message and cut it down to fit over the 1x4 taped it on there making sure the wording is going to fit on the wood properly I had to print a cpl different sizes to get a perfect fit.
my template

Step 3: Used the bic pen to trace into the wood lettering (I tell you how to do this in previous blog here) and painted it in.added some little decorations on the valentine one I just added some stick on bling and used paint to make dots all over.

painting the lettering in
Step 4: Cut your ribbon to however long you want it to display your cards. (this really depends on if you get 3 cards a year or 300 lol) Cut a piece of ribbon to be able to hang it too.

Step 5: After everything is dried turn it over and staple your ribbon on (3 long pieces to bottom 1 folded piece on top to hang)

Step 6: glue your clothespins on and let dry

Step 7: I used spray lacquer to seal and let dry for 24 hours

waiting for lacquer to dry
Step 8: hang or give as a gift

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