Saturday, February 8, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Solar lights (hanging)

~Mason Jars (if you have read earlier posts you know that I use the leftover Classico spaghetti jars in favor of actually buying Mason Jars)
~ Spray Paint (any color I used flat black)
~ Wire
~ Solar Lights (walmart has them for .97 cents in the garden dept.)
~ Thick nail
~ Hammer
~ pliers
easy peasy supplies

No flash just light from the patio

Step 1: Cut a hole in the lid
I used a nail and a hammer to cut the hole out the size of the clear part of the light
(made a circle of holes then used pliers to pull it out. I wished I had taken a pic of this part but I did not, sorry.)

Step 2: Spray paint the lid only (unless of course you want to advertise that you are using a spaghetti jar). Let Dry.

Step 3:  Take the stake out of the light (toss it or save it, whatever. you wont need it again for this project anyway) push it through the hole in the lid

Step 4: take you wire and wrap it tightly around the neck of jar and hang it (I ran the wire thru the slats of the fence)

It will take a cpl days for your lights to go full effect. I have had mine up for a year now and most are still going strong. I had to replace 2 but at .97 cents I wasn't really losing much.

pitch black in the backyard 1

pitch black in the backyard 2

I used a flash with this one sorry

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