Monday, February 3, 2014

Table made from Pallets!!

OK so this is another one of my projects that shows how cheap I am. I went on the hunt for a couple of really good pallets I will explain the art of picking a pallet and breaking it down in another blog. This table went with the chairs I posted in an earlier blog (and by earlier I mean the one before this one).

3 inch screws
2 inch screws
sawzall or reciprocating saw
2 pallets (or more depending on how big you want mine is a 3ftx4ft)
Paint (I used craft paint it was what I had on hand and cheap)
Acrylic (or some sort of sealer)

~2 of the 2x4's cut at 4ft even (frame)
~2 of the 2x4's cut at  29in (frame)
~14 of the 1x4's cut at 36in (Top)
~4 of the 2x4's cut at 30 in (Legs)

Step 1: Sand like you have never sanded before after you break your pallet down and do your cuts.
little tip because I hate sanding more than I despise justin beiber is make your cuts and only sand what you need. I got ambitious and sanded everything now its a task that makes me wanna gouge my eyes out with a hot fireplace poker (but that's just me).

Step 2: Make your Frame
pretty much just screw together all 4 frame pieces you cut (sorry I don't have a pic for that)
use the 29" 2x4 for the inside of frame. Use the 3" screws for this.
Step 3: Paint your slats for top

Step 4: Add Legs...I painted my slats for the top before adding the legs in the interest of saving time
while they were drying I added the legs using 3" in screws and predrilled my holes.

Step 5: Paint the frame and the legs

Step 6: After everything was dry I took all the slats and positioned them where I wanted them on the table BEFORE I started screwing them in (its not rocket science)
After I decided how they were going to be placed I used the 2" screws to screw them on and wah lah!!
Step 7: I used acrylic to seal because its going outside. I started using shellac but it made the paint look dirty so switched to acrylic

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